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This software shows detailed informations about all users in a Windows NT domain or local SAM (Security accounts Manager), and these informations are saved in a database that is used from the program to manage all user accounts. Information can be gathered for "Administrators", "Users" and "Guests" NT groups. The level of information includes such things as "ProfilePath", "LogonScript", "HomeDirectory", allowed "LogonHours" and many others.

The program can be used from any computer of your intranet by an user account with administrative privileges on domain, or from a computer out of the intranet, if the user has the same username and password of one administrator user of the PDC (Primary Domain Controller).

The fields of DB table are:

  • Username,
  • Fullname,
  • Comment,
  • ProfilePath,
  • HomeDirDrive,
  • HomeDir,
  • LogonHours,
  • ScriptPath,
  • Workstations,
  • LastLogon,
  • PasswordAge,
  • PasswordExpired,
  • CantChangePassword,
  • DontExpirePassword,
  • Disabled and
  • Lockout.

Version history:

  • Changes in version 2.9
    - Added the fields ScriptPath and Workstations.
    - Added the ability to import all user accounts from a server.
    - Added the ability to refresh one or more user accounts already inserted with its information on server.
    - Added the ability to set the user's LogonHours for any timezone all the world.
  • Changes in version 2.10
    - Added the fields LastLogon (read-only), PasswordAge (read-only), PasswordExpired, CantChangePassword,
    DontExpirePassword, Disabled and Lockout (to unlock only).
    - Added the ability to reset the password of one or more user accounts.
  • Changes in version 2.11
    - Added a panel to view user info while the data grid is scrolling.
    - Added the ability to show username column as fixed.
  • Changes in version 2.13
    - Fixed the form resizing procedure for low screen resolutions.
    - Added the ability to change the current Server and make a new copy of the database.
    - Added an automatic procedure to register all components and the new file extension ".mdu" of program at the first start-up.
    - Added the ability to delete all system registry settings of program with the parameter /unregister at the command line.
  • Changes in version 2.14
    - Added a new command-menu to copy an old user record as template for a new user record.
    - Fixed some light program bugs.
  • Changes in version 2.15
    - Added a color view of rows to distinguish the enabled options of all user accounts.
  • Changes in version 2.16
    - Added the ability to edit the text fields of many user accounts, in one step, when more rows are selected.
    - Fixed some light program bugs.
  • Changes in version 2.17
    - Added the field Comment (User description).
  • Changes in version 2.18
    - Added the ability to make the profile and the home directories when you are creating a new user account.
  • Changes in version 2.19
    - Checked and completed the ability to edit one or more user accounts with different settings by means of a middle value (i.e. grayed) of the "Do Action" checkbox.
  • Changes in version 2.20
    - Log Text window dockable when you are resizing the main window.
  • Changes in version 2.23.30
    - The program becomes Portable therefore does not require any setup, but the mere presence of the VB6 run-time, usually already present in all systems (MSVBVM60.DLL).
The program is now available as freeware (last version 2.23.32) and can be downloaded here (527 KB).

Supported Systems are: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit) and higher.
On Windows 8 and higher, you need to use the command "Run as administrator" the first start.

To report a bug or any other information about the program, you may send an e-mail at address